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  • Sunday, April 5, 2009
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  • in this moment,

    i can feel it..


    when the serabot things leave me one by one..

    when a little by a little peace came,

    n make me feel empty,

    even many things need to be considered..

    many things are still need to be accomplished..

    many things has to be successfully done..

    i just hope..

    when all of those serabot things gone..

    i can go home..

    i can take a very deep breath..

    inhale a space..

    for myself..
    for my innerself
    for my spirit
    for my mind
    for my energy...

    start a new chapter of my story..


    enough breathing 4 others..

    even, we knew it can't be lasting forever..

    but, seize the moment..

    just a moment,

    because a smile will appear

    when the moment are remembered...

    4 komen sempoi!:

    ain said...

    ye,ni ain,klas i..ko nyer classmate

    safri@chaie said...

    ain~ OWW.. ok..

    haifa said...

    bila stat final?

    ain said...

    anda di tag..slamat menjawab soklan..huhuhu >.<

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