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LG contest - why i like it longer

  • Wednesday, February 3, 2010
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  • I am a man.
    So, what’s wrong to be man?
    Yes, man like things longer.
    Okeyh.. lets make it clear. And to make it very clear. I’ll take woman as an example. A perfect example.

    Firstly, men likes ‘longer’ height on woman. More sexy and gorgeous.
    Slurppp.. haha.. disagree??
    Now you are agree..

    Secondly, men like woman with longer hair.. elegant and adorable they said. Instead of having a woman with shorter hair. Euww..not my taste.

    Thirdly, men do like woman with longer IQ. Independent and smarter.

    Fourthly, men like long lasting woman on bed.. haha.. sounds a little bit nasty. But, sure every men like it. Right?

    But then, I imagine how can I touch,grab and have my own
    LONG, Sexy and gorgeous woman.

    i can adore this ‘LONG’ elegant model.

    of course
    I’ll look smarter with her longer IQ.smarter phone ever with more functions

    And lastly,I can be with her for longer period anywhere not just on my bed. How beautiful my day would be? Haha..
    yes, with the new LG chocolate BL40 my life will be no longer dull..

    That’s why I like it longer…

    LG put this kind of characteristic on its new mobile phone. And make us as men having much more trouble to change the old short dumpy phone to its chocolate BL40. Haha.. but, what can we say, when they realized what really men’s need they deserved for making us changing to our needs. Yeah, LG chocolate BL40 is now our needs.

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    Anonymous said...

    semua dah demam dgn contest LG ney.. hahaha.. i want it toooo!!!!! grrr... rawrr!

    farah najwa said...

    mahal doo. aku dah tgk rm2000++ ingt mau jge, apekan daya. haihhh

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