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tak boleh nak tampal koyok da ni kak.. ni da betul2 sakit ni.. saya da tahan lagi woo..

".....With the common migraine, headache begins without warning. Children mostly experience common migraine. Common symptoms of migraine are associated with:

-Intense head pain. The pain begins on one side of the head and it spreads downward to the eye, face and even neck. The pain can switch sides and less commonly can affect both sides at once.

-Feeling a relentless throbbing or pounding deep in the head.

-Having nausea


-Strong and painful reactions to light and loud noises. As a result patients try to avoid them.

-The simple act of moving may be difficult during the migraine attack. Pain may worsen from activity.

-Not being able to carry out day to day activities.

-Need to lie down during the attacks.

It is not necessary to have all these symptoms. They may be moderate or severe. Migraine attacks may last between four hours and three days if not treated or poorly treated. Because you have the need to lie down and rest during these attacks your working life, family life and social activities may be disrupted.

Migraines most commonly occur in women and usually start between the ages of 10 and 46. Migraines can be difficult to diagnose. Without proper diagnosis, the patient cannot get the proper treatment. It is more likely the patient visits the doctor headache-free so it is important to describe the symptoms in a very clear way.

Because migraine is more than a common headache, in some people painkillers may not work. It is more suitable to take special migraine medicines prescribed by a doctor These medicines can stop or help to relieve the migraine pain."








aku da kna migrain..


mak tolong!!~~~~

saje buh gambo pompuan lawa sakit kepala. bagi korang rase kesian sket.. kalo buh muka aku lagi menyampah ade la.. haha.. erk.. adeyh.. sakit pale.. tolong saya.. mmuaahh..


5 komen sempoi!:

Cik Biol said...

apedaa sakit pale bley lak muahh lagi tak jd nk kesian wakaka

Anonymous said...

minum 100plus! hehehe..

Alynn Notnot said...

kalau kena mgrain, kena pantang makan, no sos tiram, no soy-fermented food (eg : tau fu fa, susu soya, tempe), and chocs! omiGod. silalah patuh ya, sbb saya ni slalu migrain tapi takley tinggalkan tempe! T.T

silencer@chaie said...

cik biol~ ala.. ingatkan lagi kesian tadik.. haha.. mmuaahh..

pot2~ erk.. bole ilangkan migrain ek?

alynn~ hurm.. bole dipertimbangkan...

aku.cries.lonely said...

wa...btul2...sgt2 sgt...
mkn pun pantang jga...
pantang jmpe...

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