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malaysia's most legendary singer!

wanna know who are malaysia's most legendary singer??
the voice that never be forgotten.
check it out bebeh! hahak..

pure voice of jamal abdillah..

after involved with some drug-abusing and often being resident of pusat serenti, his name never been vanished from malaysian's heart. he going to the up of the list just because of the talent that he have. all the controversion through out his career seems to kill him softly. but,as listener who always look in his talent, we never care how cruel he has done to himself but as long as he has the good voice and able to sing... we do support jamal abdillah!

7 komen sempoi!:

xazryx said...

xde sape leh ganti jamal abdillah .sore dia lain dr yg lain .

liyanna said...

jamal is one of a kind.
sayang dia involve dengan dadah
tapi serius suara dia superb.

Anonymous said...

hah3...pu3, sbok je ko...keh3...

liyanna said...

abang kau tak cakap ape pun.
asal lak kau yang sebok?


chaie safri said...

hadoi.. nak bercinta tggu masuk kampus ye adek2 ku.. haha

liyanna said...

chaie : bercinta dengan syak?

mustahil. haha

Miss ... said...

suara dia mmg bagus ooo..hmmm

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